A/C Repair

When temperatures rise, having a well-functioning air-conditioning system in your vehicle is the surest way to stay cool. Did you know the A/C unit works in conjunction with the cooling system to keep both the cabin and engine climate controlled? These separate systems actually affect one another.  If the engine cooling system fails, the air-conditioner could as well. Maintaining both systems is vital to keeping your entire vehicle properly cooled.

Maintaining the Air-Conditioning System

Keeping the A/C working means maintaining adequate refrigerant levels. So, any leak that allows this important liquid to escape means the system can’t do its job. Along with refrigerant, the air-conditioner uses another lubricating oil to reduce friction and cool other parts of the system. If either fluid gets too low, it can lead to excessive and early wear on system components, increasing the chances of failure.

To keep any minor issues from getting worse, it’s always a good idea to prioritize regular professional checks to this system. Hint: having the A/C serviced annually (each spring) ensures your car stays cool in July.

What to Expect from an A/C Check

At Gaston’s Garage, this standard service starts with a visual examination of the air-conditioner and surrounding area (compressor and belt) to rule out any obvious tears, leaks or other damage. Afterward, we will perform a more detailed leak check and scrutinize the system’s functionality. Of course, any issues uncovered during these procedures will be repaired and the system retested.

Air-Conditioner Service and Repair

A vehicle’s A/C unit works hard, but regular preventative checks help diagnose damage before it leads to total system breakdown. Should your air-conditioner stop working, however, even in the face of scheduled maintenance, the experts at Gaston’s Garage can help. Our technicians even stay current on the air-conditioners in hybrid and electric models, so you never have to wonder if we’re prepared.

Whether your A/C has a leak easily fixed with new refrigerant or a failed compressor that requires more work, our certified technicians can complete the job with as little disruption to your life as possible. We understand that you have a busy life and don’t have time to be worrying about your vehicle’s air-conditioner.

If you live in or near Apex, NC and want reliable, friendly auto service, call Gaston’s Garage today at 919-387-7270 or stop by the shop. We’d be happy to answer any questions or discuss our processes with you so you can feel confident leaving your vehicle in our care.